is an attempt to get the complete history of Doncaster RLFC recorded. The club has had a varied history, with many issues since 1951, when the club was founded.

There have been various times throughout the years where statistics and various other miscellany have been collated about the rugby club, and this site, along with the work to create it, is an effort to provide a location for this to be kept and added to.

There are many people who have been involved in the research behind the site, from Ray Green, who had the initial work and sheets logging the history of Doncaster RLFC between 1951 and the early 2000s, to Dan Spencer, who has provided a lot of appearance information for the years from 2000 onwards. The likes of Geoff Roebuck, who has sent e-mails with information on the earlier years of the club with player details have been a great help, as well as Chris (Fevnut) who has undertaken a similar project for Featherstone Rovers, with whom the Dons have shared many players and staff over the years.

There are also countless people who I have spoken to who all have personal recollections of the history of the club, and as such, I have attempted to get their information into the data where possible. Also, I wish to thank Stewart Piper, who has taken great interest in the Heritage side of the club, and has also assisted me with large amounts of information where available.

Hopefully, this site will steadily improve, as more information becomes available (I already have a lot that requires digitalising), and will become a resource that can be trusted in the coming years.
Should you wish to help, especially if you have old photos of the club or old programmes, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

Thanks for visiting.